Chef Robert Joe Saia and Sharity Saia (Mrs. Chef)

Chef Robert Joe Saia, CCC, CAD, RD, is one of a handful of people worldwide who hold both a Dietetics Degree and a Chef de Cuisine Certification. He created an Apprentice Program for promising culinary students at the University of Kansas, which was endorsed by the American Culinary Federation.  Chef Saia teaches culinary arts at Renton Technical College, Renton, WA.  ​ Chef Saia's sous chef Sharity Saia (known as Mrs. Chef)  is also his wife of 18 years.  They have been working together on this manuscript for many years, and are thrilled to share it with you. Mrs. Chef and Chef Saia teach private cooking sessions from their home together. 

Their first book, The Center of the Plate, is based on Chef Saia's recipe development and balance philosophy: "RECIPE AND MENU GENESIS." It includes resourceful flow charts that will enable you to effectively bring to life your unique and tantalizing vision of gourmet delights. It's the ultimate cheat sheet, the mother of all "how-to" cooking instructions, giving you the final word in developing your own new and exciting recipes from its library of insightful meal development information and fabulous food ideas. Companion apps are available to provide easy reference on portable devices.  You can find these apps at the Apple Store and Google Play.  


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The Center of the Plate Culinary Manual 

The Center of the Plate Culinary Manual by Chef Robert Saia has just been released and is currently available!  You can obtain your own personal copy of this manuscript through our publisher Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Porthole Publishing at:

You can meet Chef Saia and Mrs. Chef at the Florence Festival of Books at the Florence Events Center on September 28 and 29.  The Chefs would be thrilled to meet you, sign your book, and share their love of the culinary world with you! 

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