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The Center of the Plate

At age 50 I decided to make my break from corporate work, and took some time off to decide my new career path.  I became an Instructor at the Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary arts and picked up a CDL license to drive a bus for Issaquah, WA. School district.   While searching for a  more permanent job, I ran across this manuscript that I had written back in 1995, “The Center of the Plate.”   The pages were yellowed and the ink had faded, but the content was totally applicable to today’s food industry challenges.  I decided it was time to release the “CRACKEN!”

I am currently marketing my vision and skills on Linked In, Facebook, Constant Contact, “THE CENTER OF THE PLATE” website, and of course the App.

So please enjoy building your own “The Center of the Plate” creations, and remember that only you are limited by your imagination.  Live long and prosper!

Chef Robert Joe Saia C.C.C., R.D.